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Laser date printer

Laser date printer
1. Capacity: 0-10000 pcs/hour
2. Software: MACSA Special software
3. User interface: Touch screen
4. Nominal power: 10W

  • K1010
  • New Crown Machinery
  • Beverage or dairy product filling line
  • 0-10000 pcs/hour
  • Glass bottle, plastic bottle, can and other contai
  • Laser coding
  • Auto PLC Touch screen
  • 10W

K1000 series priner is a very small laser Laser play code machine,developed by Macsa with 25 years laser professional experience.It used the original American imports laser tube.It is small and high degree of integration.Compared with inkjet machine,it has quite a cost advantage
No consumables:
K1010 is compact, clean, mark quickly ,and extremely easy to use.No ink, no other supplies, nor for the ink system maintenance, it very low cost budget .

More Environmental protection:
No ink means no confusion, which has a cleaner, more health production environment.Without excess ink and solution discharge, keep the environment clean, reduce carbon footprint, the reduction of CO2 emissions.

High performance:
Martha provides cost-effective K1010, based on Mar Salvador's 25 years experience in the world, Laser technology is reliable, And its maintenance and repair costs very little.The price is no longer disused for Martha laser machine.

Static and dynamic marking:
Either fixed or mobile can achieve marking.If necessary, it can be connected to an external controller.

Product life mark:
K1010 will print a permanent icon to products and follow the product life.This icon is high quality, not like ink marker can be rubbed, and it can print high quality mark on the label, carton, plastic products, glass, wood, textiles and other things.

Strong adaptability:
K1010 has the advantages of compact structure.It can be installed in the most difficult places.High performance optical, powerful hardware, advanced software, and the lowest cost make its core laser technology to meet the most green line speed and requirement.

Anyone can use K1010. Touching color screen, intuitive interface, context menu navigation, which makes the operation more easily, even new users can learn quickly.

Maximum power output:
It used the advanced VORTEX cooler, double channel ventilation refrigeration cooling design, to prevent the entry of dust. Thermostatic radiator and stable output can ensure maximum efficiency of laser machine.
Type: K1010
Mains supply110V/220V, 50/60Hz, 1 Phase + N) 600W
Nominal power: 10W
Dimension: 621mm*190mm*190mm
Weight: Net Weight: 19kg
      Total Weight: 24kg
System structure: Laser, Control electronics, computer and scanners built into the laser system
Software: MACSA Special software
User interface: Touch screen
Controller: the touch screen with Scan LINUX software 
Marking Head: Sealing carbon dioxide laser belt
            R.F. technology
            Wavelength: 10.6 micron
Optional accessories: Synchronous encoder components, support, External touch screen, sensor, Smoke processing equipment, Protective components, Alarm suite.






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