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Beer Filling and Packaging Considerations

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In the beverage industry today, the beer is considered as a special drink and taken by a wide range of people across the globe. Long before now, the wine and other alcoholic drinks have been in existence, especially those provided by nature. But since the advent of beer and its production process, there has been a little challenge. This stems from the processes involved in beer packaging using the beer filling machine and achieving a rather safe and healthy beer for the teaming population. 

The packaging of beer is a process of great importance in the production and sale of this drink, which can be addressed with different solutions. We all know that beer can be packaged in bottles, cans or barrels; each of these solutions has its advantages and disadvantages. On this page we will delve into the reasons for choosing one or another type of packaging between the bottle, the can and the barrel.

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Beverage bottling can be done in glass or PET bottles. When it comes to beer packaging, most people will not want to go for the PET bottles, since a long series of reasons make glass bottles recommended. If you are interested in ensuring a high quality of beer, then it is important to choose glass bottles for packaging, at least this is bottle that has been used for a long time now. Amongst the many reasons for not opting for the conventional PET bottles in beer packaging using the beer packaging machine include the following; 

  • The glass bottle is a natural container and perfect for containing a beverage like beer.

  • Glass bottles are safe and more hygienic, as they can be easily cleaned.

  • Apart from these properties, it is also important to look at the aesthetics of the glass bottles.

Its use is almost mandatory if you have a microbrewery and there is any reason to convey the image of a craftsman that pays much respects a tradition that has lasted for a long time now; In this case, it is better to sell beers outside the brewery in bottles.

The disadvantages of packaging of bottled beer include the increasing difficulty in transporting the bottles, the cost of purchase the glass and, the weight of the glass. It is also important to consider the storage space that will be needed when compared to the conventional PET container. 

However, these are some important factors that the beer filling machine manufacturers should also take into consideration. 

In addition to the aforementioned considerations, there is need to consider the various types and models of the beer filling machine. Yes, there are different types according the level of automation. This range from the table top to the fully automated beer packing machine. It is important to consider the demand of your operation, and facilities to guide you on the right choice of machine. 

There is also the need to consider the regular maintenance of the beer filling machine. The operator should be able to inform the right authority to ensure that the equipment is always in the best stage for carrying out beer filling process. 







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