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Importance of Water Treatment System on Water Filling line

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Water constitutes a basic necessity of human life. As the population increased rapidly in recent millennia, it put a huge burden on the natural resources of the earth, including the drinkable water resources. This fact coupled with the contamination of the water bodies caused by industrialization has made access to safe drinking water a challenge. So much so that drinkable water has become an expensive commodity. Drinking water is now obtained by running the water from lakes, rivers, and seas through many treatments and clarification processes to purify it. That’s where water treatment systems and filling plants come in. Indeed, water filling machine manufacture is now a lucrative business.


Water Treatment Systems

The importance of water treatment systems cannot be overemphasized. The provision of clean drinking water is a must if people are to lead normal productive lives: indeed, it is a necessity for the survival of the human race. 

After treatment, the water is stored in a water filling machine and is used to fill up bottles. These bottles are made accessible to people for drinking. 

Types of Treatment Plants

There are four kinds of water treatment systems.

Reverse Osmosis

In a reverse osmosis or RO system, water is forcibly passed through a semi-permeable membrane. The membrane allows water molecules to pass through but keeps the dissolved salts from passing, leading to the formation of clean water free from any harmful ions.


It has been known from ancient times that sunlight kills germs. Making use of this knowledge special lamps have been designed that emit ultraviolet light at the frequency that is most effective in the termination of microbial life. This frequency is 254 nm. 


In this process, water is made to pass through several filters. These remove any odor, color, taste, and turbidity and lead to the formation of clean drinkable water. The different filters maybe adsorptive, neutralizing, and oxidizing in nature.


This is the process in which water is evaporated and it becomes separated from its dissolved constituents. The evaporated water is then cooled and collected. This process requires a lot of energy. 

Water filling machine

The process of bottling of water by a filling machine requires the utmost care in order not to pollute the treated water. The best kind of filling machine should be chosen for the purpose to ensure that all processes involved in water filling take place hygienically.

Bottle cleaning

Cleaning of the bottles in which the water is to be stored is of utmost importance. It would be most unfortunate to have the treated water contaminated again if the bottles are not clean. 

Filling of the bottles by the bottle filling machine

This process needs to be done very precisely and hygienically to produce uniformly filled bottles for selling purposes. The bottles are picked up by tweezers and nozzles pour water into them. There are different machines for glass bottles and PET bottles.


This is the last phase of the bottling process. The bottles are capped and sealed in a protected environment, labeled and packaged.


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