Examine Cargo to Adhesive bottle labeling machine

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Newcrown offered best examine cargo and training service before the cargo delivery ,we devoted to make our best to serve our customers in omnibearing ,customer from the Sweden came visit us 2 weeks ago for examining   adhesive bottle labeling machine and bottle blow drying machine and tanks , our engineer gave him professional operation guide in this period .

sticker bottle labeling machine

As you can see from the pics , the customer was debugging the machine by himself carefully after the training to make sure the efficiency be high  in the future.Newcrown not only  sale the products ,but also offer the technical guide to improve the customer satisfaction by thinking about customers real needs.

automatic labelling machine.jpg

The customer was appreciate  to our professional training service and high quality products , and he said ,he will come China again  when he install the machines well for juice filling machine line .

bottle dryer and tanks.jpg


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