March Purchase Season helps you save the machine cost

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Spring breeze blowing, the ice melts, we have ushered in the annual March procurement festival, New crown will give customer more machine discount as usual, the discounted machines are carbonated drink filling machine, beer canning machine, juice canning machine and so on, if you have any requests on these machines, god blessed you, you will save a lot of money.

Discount date: 5th, March-5th April, 2018

Discount products: automatic juice filling machine, Beer can filling machine, soft drink bottling machine

Discount: different machines with different discount,  for better offer, pls contact New Crown.


Welcome to inquire any problems about the machine, by the way, all machines can be customized according to customer special requests, you can choose pet bottle for beer filling, or can bottle for juice filling machine.

The 3000BPH-30000BPH different filling machines are all available.

Monoblock filling production line, water ,juice, soft drink washing filing capping machine 3 in 1 can give you whole solution if you plan to build your own beverage filling factory.

New Crown is waiting here for you!


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