New Crown Machinery active the Employees by Yoga

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April 28, 2017, accompanied by gentle, soothing music, the company employees under the leadership of the yoga teacher, his mind vent, began a completely relaxed yoga exercise. From the sitting position, we eyes closed, slowly breathing. Follow the yoga teacher's movements and rhythm, earnestly practice, more than an hour of yoga exercises ended, we all feel the body to relax.


With the accelerated pace of life, job requirements to improve, all aspects of the staff pressure one after another. Prone to low and irritability. How to adjust the psychological pressure of employees to help them soothe emotions, with a healthy mind, full of spirit into life and work to go? For this company for the staff arranged a lot of decompression activities, the yoga heart specifically for everyone to bring fresh yoga activities.

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Through this event, we all clearly understand that to the heart of a moment of quiet, enjoy the happy mood, but also an indispensable part of work and life, we hope that such yoga activities will continue to adhere to and practice!

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