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During the beer filling process, its valuable qualities must be retained to the greatest extent. The reason why beer is different from other beverages is because of its unique series of qualities. New Crown is a professional China beer filling machine factory.


Most beverages are easy to fill due to their low viscosity and good fluidity. For sweet shochu with a high viscosity, it is difficult to fill with ordinary pressure difference. In view of this situation, it is conceivable that a single filling machine that meets all beverage requirements cannot be found.

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It is always hoped that the filling process will be carried out as quickly as possible without adversely affecting the beverage, which of course depends on the effectiveness of the equipment. It should also distinguish between two different concepts of filling pressure and driving pressure difference. The so-called "driving pressure difference" is the static pressure of the liquid, which depends on the difference between the height of the liquid level in the beverage storage tank and the height of the bottle. This pressure difference can be increased by additional pressure (filling pressure).


Filling machines can be divided into:


(1) Vacuum filling machine and highly vacuum filling machine

The filling driving force is the pressure difference relative to atmospheric pressure. This pressure difference also controls the passage of liquid (no bottle-no vacuum). This filling machine generates a slight negative pressure of 93-98kPa (absolute pressure) in the bottle, and the liquid is filled by inhalation. The beer bottle filling machine can be used for quiet drinks with low viscosity such as wine, milk, fruit juice and other alcoholic drinks. It speeds up the slower filling process under normal pressure.


(2) Atmospheric filling machine

This filling machine works under atmospheric pressure, the filling speed is determined only by the static pressure generated by the liquid, and the filling liquid circulation path must be controlled. Atmospheric filling machines are rare.


(3) Overpressure filling machine

It’s also called back pressure filling machine. The filling rate depends only on the static pressure of the liquid. The path through which the liquid flows is only opened when the pressure in the bottle and the pressure above the liquid level in the storage tank have reached equilibrium (isobaric filling principle). The filling pressure must be higher than the saturation pressure (equilibrium pressure) of CO2 in the beverage. This saturation pressure depends on the dissolved CO2 content and the temperature of the beverage.


Overpressure filling machine can be used for all beverages containing CO2. If filled under normal pressure, the CO2 beverage will quickly foam. Causes dissatisfaction or inability to fill. Beer filling is always carried out using overpressure filling machines. New Crown beer canning machine for sale is always in best quality and perfect service. We welcome domestic and foreign customers to inquiry.



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