Design of a Can Filling and Capping Machine for Craft Beer Cans

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With the continuous expansion of the craft beer market, canned beer packaging is favored by young consumers. But the production of craft beer is characterized by small batches, multiple flavors and multiple varieties of packaging. Based on many years of experience in the design and manufacture of beer canning machines, machinery companies have developed a new generation of integrated can filling and capping machines.


Traditional beer canning machine for sale in the market is designed separately for the filling machine and the capping machine. The cans for the middle part of the filling machine and the capping machine are transported through a chain system with gear teeth. Installation and capping machines are complex to match and connect. New Crown's new integrated canning filling and capping machine is designed to install the filling machine, canning machine and electrical control cabinet on a single workbench, with a small footprint, eliminating the need for fillers and capping machines. The chain tooth-shaped transmission is adopted and the star wheel is used instead. The main body size of the equipment is controlled within 2630mm × 2100mm, which can realize container transportation and greatly reduce the area of the production workshop and clean workshop.


beer canning machine

Due to the small output of craft beer, many beer manufacturers use linear filling and capping for production. Because linear filling and capping are intermittent feed mechanisms, the filling time is not accurately controlled and there is no CO2 replacement. The oxygen content of beer cannot be controlled, and in the process of transferring from filling to capping in the intermittent mechanism, there is no good protection, which causes the oxygen content of beer in the cans to increase and the taste of the beer will change due to oxidation.


The craft beer can fill and capping machine was developed for a craft beer packaging line with a capacity of less than 6000 cans / hour (in terms of 330 mL / can), which made the beer canning machine cost in control. Filling valve adopts high-precision liquid level gauge to control the cylinder measurement, the error is controlled within ± 2mL; intelligent filling control scheme displays the filling time and filling volume in real time, and the single valve can simulate the filling for convenient maintenance; The filling parameters can be saved and recalled; the filling volume of single valve or all valves can be adjusted online; the filling steps can be customized; remote monitoring and operation.


In order to adapt to the production of cans of various specifications, the beer canning filling machine is designed for electric lifting, coupled with the quick-change design of the star wheel and the guard plate, which makes changing the tank type faster and easier. The specially designed upper and lower cams and power transmission of the can sealing machine make the filling and can sealing run on the same worktable, but the operation is stable and the can sealing qualification rate is high. Optimized design of the tube station system, fully automatic dead angle-free CIP and COP ensures various media pipelines and filling environments cleaned. Fully enclosed protection design, sealed glass doors, all glass doors are controlled by safety switches. All cleaning liquids are collected and discharged centrally and the filling environment is safe and hygienic.


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