Design of Purification System for Bottling Dust-free Workshop in Brewery

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The beer filling and purification workshop should operate under specific environmental conditions. The process layout in the plant area should follow the "three coordination" principle, that is, people flow logistics coordination, process flow coordination and cleanliness level coordination. The focus of clean plant design is to prevent pollution and confusion.


beer bottling line

For the overall planning of a clean plant, its hardware equipment, materials, and process technology operating parameters should meet environmental requirements. The main process parameters are determined according to the heat and humidity load of the clean room operation.


The installation materials, construction, design, processing and manufacturing, equipment, automatic control, electrical installations, inspections, tests, and acceptances used in clean rooms and clean air-conditioning systems must comply with relevant standards and specifications and all measuring instruments must meet national legal measurement standards; Clean room equipment should be easy to detect, clean and lubricate. New Crown is a professional filling machine manufacturer, let’s take New Crown’s beer filling and purification workshop as an example to make you have a better understanding.


Production process and technology of beer:

Crushing of malt and powder of auxiliaries-saccharification and gelatinization - wort filtration - wort boiling (adding hops at the same time) - swirling sedimentation - wort cooling-entering the fermentation tank (while adding oxygen and yeast) - Main fermentation – Post – fermentation - Beer filtration - Packaging into the packaging department - Production.


Cleanliness requirements of beer aseptic filling and purification workshop:

Three levels: 100,000 levels (usually 15-20 times / H), 10,000 levels (usually 20-30 times / H), local thousands (Ventilation times up to 50 times / H).


The temperature required for cleanliness of Class 10,000 and above is generally 20-25 ° C and humidity is generally 45% -65%. The temperature for cleanliness of Class 10,000 and below is generally 18-25 ° C and humidity 50% -65%.


The area of 10,000-grade beer filling machine factory includes the entire filling room, from the bottle washing machine to the capping machine, of which the 100,000-grade clean room area is the bottle transfer room, and the second half of the filling machine to the cap outlet Thousands of sterile air blower.


Air purification system for beer aseptic filling and purification workshop:

Including ventilation, air filtration, air cooling and heating

The process of the air-conditioning unit is generally: return fan → exhaust return air, fresh air intake → primary effect filter → surface cold water removal → blower → intermediate effect filter → silencer → high efficiency filter → clean room.


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