Equipment for Fruit Juice Bottling Operations

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Among the fastest growing beverages today includes the juice drink. This can be attributed to factors such as urbanization, healthier lifestyles, and retail marketing strategy.

The juice filling machine has played a major role in the fruit juice production process.

The China juice filling machine factory, has contributed a lot to the growing innovations in the beverage industry.

In this post, we will be looking at the various features and process of the juice bottling operation.

juice production line

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Through an air duct, the bottle is blown by the fan. The bottle is further conveyed to the bottle washer.


This stage comprises of the bottle head, top disc and guide rail. The head of the bottle rotates with the top disc, the filling bottle neck is held by the neck clamp, and the rail is turned by 180 degrees, rinsed and dripped, then turned by 180°.


The important features in the filling stage include filling valve, water tank, the guide rail and the bottle lifting device.

The filled bottle is held at the neck and rotated with the water tank.

Sliding on the guide opens the filling valve and the filling valve is lowered after filling is completed.

The filling valve closes automatically and the bottle is sent out from the filling machine.



The capping mechanism is composed of three parts: a capper, a capping machine and a capper.


Main features of the fruit juice filling line

- It adopts the technology of air conveyor with direct connection with the bottle feeding wheel instead of screw and conveyor. It is easier and simpler to change over the size of bottle.

- It adopts high precision, high speed and quantitative filling valve, and the liquid level is accurate without loss of liquid to ensure excellent filling quality.

- The capping head adopts constant torque device to ensure the sealing quality.

- The sorting system is efficient, with the perfect feeding cap and protection device.

- It is simple and convenient to change the type of bottle. Just replace the star wheel of bottle can be done without adjusting the height of the equipment.

- The filling system adopts the neck handling technology to avoid secondary contamination of the bottle mouth.

- The control system has the functions of automatic water level control, cap detection failure, bottle washing hitch and output counting and others.

- The bottle washing system uses the efficient cleaning spray nozzle produced by the American spraying company's technology, which thoroughly cleans every part of the bottle.

The juice filling machine price varies according to the model, the size, and more.

Due to the growing presence of juice filling machine manufacturers, there is need to be careful when making your choice of supplier. You need to look out for qualities such as reputation, competence, number of years of experience, the quality of product, reviews from previous customers and more. These factors will guide you in making the best choice of a filling machine. 


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