The Description of Carbonated Soft Drink Bottling

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The carbonated soft drinks constitute a great percentage of the amount of beverages in the global market, and the China soft drink filling machine factory has been pivotal in this regard. Carbonated soft drink bottling is a major stage in the entire production process. It is one that requires strong attention by experts. This stage involves an aggregation of unit processes that work in consequentially to obtain a sterile and consumable product. It is also at this stage that quality control is heavily applied.

One of the challenges in the carbonated soft drink bottling is contamination which affects the quality of the product such as the taste of the beverages.

Care has to be taken to ensure that the carbonated drink meets the prerequisites for top quality beverages.

Our focus in this post will be on the bottling or packaging process of the various carbonated soft drinks in the beverage industry.

Carbonated soft drink production line

The bottling phase of the carbonated soft drinks consists of the packaging of the finished beverage. The carbonated beverage filling machine is a vital equipment in the packaging process of the various carbonated drinks.

The inspection processes in this phase are key to guarantee the quality of the final product.

Overview of the carbonated drink bottling process

Basically, there are three major stages in the bottling of carbonated drinks.

The first stage involves the reception of reusable containers and their subsequent washing, or the supply of first-use containers.

The next step involves the filling and capping of these containers.

The last stage include all the packaging processes from labeling, packaging and coding, of which the result is the final product ready for storage and subsequent distribution.

The Soft Drink bottling Process

In the materials warehouse, the boxes containing the empty bottles are placed on a conveyor to the bottle feeder.  Here, the bottle feeder removes the bottles from the crate and places them on a conveyor belt to be taken to the washing machine.

· The machine washes the bottles and then dries them with hot air pressure flow.   

· The bottles are filled with the gaseous liquid entering the filling machine through a pipe and coming from a balance tank.

· The filled bottles enter into the capping machine, where the screw cap is placed and sealed.

· The labeling machine is responsible for attaching the identification label and mark to each bottle.

· The bottles are placed on the container plate and placed in the boxes.

· The boxes are closed and sealed in the finished product warehouse.

Before purchasing a bottling machine for your production needs, it is important to consider some essential factors. One of them is the bottling machine cost. You can acquire as much information as needed from your prospective carbonated soft drink filling machine. The total cost should include the shipping cost as well. However, reputable suppliers will ensure that you get the quote without any hidden charges.

Other factors to consider include the level of experience of your prospective bottle filling machine supplier and the quality of the equipment you are about to purchase. 


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