What are the Advantages of the Best Beer Line?

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Beer as one of the most popular drinks in the world, has a long history of development. At first, produce a glass of beer should go through a complicated process, which spend a lot of time. But with the development of technology, the producing process of a can of beer just spend a few seconds, this innovation makes the competition between brewery become strong. However, it's not easy for a brewery keep their market position in such a competitive industry, unless they have good quality of materials and use advanced technology in their produce line. And beer filling line almost becomes the most important part in their produce line. Therefore, in order to keep the marketplace, it's really necessary to inquire the good filling machine to fulfill the increasing demands and requirements of brewery. Fortunately, NEW CROWN Machinery could give you the right solution, to let your brewery runs smoothly in the fierce competition.

New Crown Machinery was founded in the year of 2001, is an experienced China beer filling machine supplier. Focusing on the beer filling line, New Crown Machinery has a variety of products. For example, Aluminum Can Beer filling machine, glass bottle beer filling machine and Monoblock 4 in 1 craft Beer filling machine. All of these well-designed machines are intelligent, workers can control it easily through the control panel, and have a precise control of liquid level. You can inquire our machines according to the material of container and your personal demands. 


Besides, a high working efficiency helps to increase the competitive force of the brewery, inquiring your beer filling machine from a company which has a nearly two decades industrial experience is really a smart choice. The beer bottling machines from New Crown are outstanding in its working efficiency. And one machine only requires one operator, so that to decrease the labor cost in a large degree. Also, the intelligent capping function of the machine provides a more completed process of operation of the beer filling line. 

New crown machinery provides almost the perfect solution for almost all kinds of beer, from the traditional one to the most common one. For example, the glass bottle with crown cap or screw cap; tin can and aluminum bottles. More than that, it's also entering into the whole project design for the companies, who need to pack their liquid product. As a reliable beer bottling machine manufacturer, the ordered machines would go through a test run before they are shipping to the customers. 

In addition, the motto of the company: "Packing for a better world" reflects its service value, represents that New Crown Machinery would continually keep a high standard of their beer bottling machine, provides a professional service for the beer filling line, and continue to be a good beer bottling machine manufacturer with a competitive force. 

Learning and manufacturing with passion and commitment, serving with honesty and care, New crown would help the brewery reach a new stage of their business. 



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