What is the configuration of the juice beverage filling production line

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  The juice beverage filling production line adopts electromagnetic speed-regulating motor, which transmits power to the turntable through a transmission device. There is a bottle clamping manipulator on the turntable. The bottle holder rotates with the turntable. Under the action of the bottle feeding device, the bottles are transferred to the bottle feeding area. The bottle clamping device clamps the transferred bottles and puts the bottles into the cleaning area. At the same time, under the action of the guide rail, the bottle washing work such as 180-degree turning, washing, and draining can be automatically completed, and then the reset bottle is pulled out by the bottle pulling wheel. In this way, the bottle completes the washing process, achieves the purpose of washing, and is sent to the filling machine through the conveyor chain.


  The fruit juice beverage filling production line realizes the path of products from raw materials to packaging equipment through a series of production activities such as processing, transportation, assembly, and inspection. The production line has greater flexibility and can meet the needs of multi-variety production. It is mainly used for washing, filling and sealing of soda, cola, mineral water and other steam-containing beverages. Advanced structure, stable work, safe operation, convenient maintenance, stepless speed regulation, high production efficiency. It is an ideal equipment for filling beverages with steam.



 Production line equipment configuration:

  1.Automatic bottle washing machine: mainly used for cleaning plastic bottles and disposable glass bottles. The washing method is spray type, and the structure is a rotating multifunctional station. Automatically complete the cleaning process of bottle-in, bottle-out, bottle-turning, bottle-washing and draining. The whole washing process is divided into two steps: washing and dripping. It is one of the hosts needed for the automatic filling production line of natural mineral water, pure water and other liquids.

  2.Isobaric filling machine: mainly used for filling aerated beverages such as soda, cola, sparkling wine, fruity soda, etc. With advanced structure, balanced work, safe operation, convenient maintenance, stepless speed regulation, high production efficiency, it is an ideal equipment for filling beverages.

  3.The automatic capping machine is suitable for sealing the plastic and aluminum anti-theft caps of cylindrical (square) bottles. It has the advantages of perfect performance, reliable operation, reasonable design, beautiful appearance, and convenient debugging. It is widely used as the anti-theft cover of many liquid bottles such as beverages, juices, wines, mineral water, space water, etc.

  4.Conveying system: It is the equipment for conveying cans (bottles) in the fruit juice beverage filling production line, which can be connected with the bottle washing machine, filling machine and sealing machine. Including: 2 conveying platforms, 3 middle frames and 10m stainless steel chain plates. The conveyor chain is exquisitely made, the chain connection is reasonable, and the bottle runs smoothly. The conveyor chain plate and chain side plates are made of stainless steel, and the guardrail bracket is made of injection molded parts, which has a beautiful appearance. The conveyor chain runs smoothly, is easy to install and maintain, and has a long use time.


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