Glass bottle electrical label shrink tunnel for hot filling Glass bottle electrical label shrink tunnel for hot filling

Electrical label shrink tunnel
1. Capacity: 3000BPH
2. Suitable bottle: Glass bottle or jar with hot filling beverage or sauce
3. Main material: Stainless steel 304
4. Film material: PVC, PET, OPS etc.

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  • Model: DRSB-3000
  • Brand: New Crown Machinery
  • Main material: Stainless steel 304
  • Capacity: 3000BPH
  • Suitable bottle: Glass bottle or jar
  • Automatic control: Automatic control with operation knobs
  • Suitable label: Shrink sleeve label
  • Usage line: Beverage or sauce filling packing line
  • Film material: PVC, PET, OPS
  • Structure : Machine is movable with wheels
  • Heating power: 10kw
  • Product Description
  • Electrical label shrink tunnel bottle sample

1. Main description: 
This electrical label shrink tunnel is used to shrink the bottle label on glass bottle of hot filling, for bottle mouth, bottle neck and bottle body.

It's heated by electric and with full English operation board and knobs. The temperature is controlled by adjustable.  

It's with good efficiency with hot wind blow and easy to operate and matainence.

The machine could be used single or connected with production line. 

2. Main features: 
1) This electrical label shrink tunnel is suitable for different bottle label.   
2)  This electrical label shrink tunnel is specially good for glass bottle of hot filling, which will have good shrink effect. 
3) The material of this electrical shrink tunnel is made of stainless stee 304 material, with long lifespan. 
4)  This electrical label shrink tunnel is used for bottle label shrinking after filling. 
5)  This electrical label shrink tunnel adopts the hot wind function for shrinking. 
6)  This electrical label shrink tunnel is with temperature controller, circulation air motor, temperature insulation layer, protection relay.
7)  This electrical label shrink tunnel is with movable wheels, which is easy to remove.
8) This electrical label shrink tunnel height is adjustable for different bottle height and label size, you can asjust the machine height by adjusting the manual wheels. 

3. Main technology data:
Model DRSB-3000
Capacity 3000BPH 
Applicable bottle Glass bottle with hot filling
Main material  SUS304 
Power 10kw
Size  1400*700*1750mm
Weight 150kg

Bottle sample: 


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