OPP hot glue labeling machine, bottle OPP labeller OPP hot glue labeling machine, bottle OPP labeller

OPP hot glue labeling machine
1. Capacity: 0-300B/Min
2. Suitable bottle: Plastic bottle or PET can
3. Main material: Stainless steel 304
4. Label material: OPP label
5. Glue type: Hot melt

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  • Model: OPP-300
  • Brand: New Crown Machinery
  • Main material: Stainless steel 304
  • Capacity: 0-300B/Min
  • Suitable bottle: Plastic bottle or PET can
  • Automatic control: Automatic control with PLC touch screen
  • Suitable label: OPP label
  • Label size : Can be made as bottle sample
  • Glue type: Hot melt
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  • Parameters
  • Bottle labeling sample


Roll-fed type, label in-fed from label station is conveyed to label in-feed roller through label guide roller. Sensors will check I-MARK of label automatically when label reaches label in-feed roller. As soon as the position of I-MARK is confirmed, Encoder will adjust the operation speed of label in-feed roller and then appoint the label cutting position. Labels passing through label supplying roll and then go into label cutting part for cutting, and then the labels will be sent into vacuum label disk. When transducer checked the labels in vacuum label roll, the labels will be sent to glue drum for gluing;
The bottles on conveyor arranged by planet wheel, glued labels were stickled to bottles in bearing position, and then the labels will be stickled well with the effect synchronization belt;


1. PLC control system, full-automatic working.
2. Made of stainless steel SUS#304 and imported T6 aluminum alloy after being anode hardened, Side wheels-attaching mechanical sets
3. Main engine is controlled by three-phase converter motor, speed adjustable
4. Horizontally adjustable main engine, Vertically adjustable main engine (adjustment for label position)
5. Include such mechanisms as label-providing, belt-conveying, label-cutting, wheels-attaching, vacuum-adsorbing, hot sol-conveyance
6. Hot sol providing machine is made in a hundred million Hertz. VAC and PUMP don’t start working unless the hot sol machine gets to designed temperature.
7. Vacuum label disk for label-pasting and label-adsorbing and vacuum manifold at the lower part of drum and cutter, made of heat & wear resistant material can be prevent from high heat; wrinkle process added can reduce label rub and friction;
8. Vacuum drum made of high rigid material to reduce friction and static
9. Easy operation to use handle to adjust label cutting knife. Rapid changeovers: modular design and quick release change parts have changeovers fast and easy within ten minutes
10. Automatic label length controller to adjust position of I-MARK
11. Alarm for missing label or gap and Alarm for label running-out

Model: OPP-300
Speed: 0-300B/Min
Labeling precision: +-1mm
Power source: 50/60HZ, 3PHASES, 380V AC, 24V DC
Total power: 7kw
Main motor: 1.5kw
Vacuum pump: 1.5kw
Gluing machine: 2.0kw
Hot melting machine: 1.7kw
Air source: 4-6kg/cm2
Air consumption: 0.1N㎥/min
Air inlet: 3/8 inch
Operating condition: temperature: 20℃~30℃(keep in dry place at the room's temperature)
Size: 4000*1500*2000mm

OPP hot glue labeling machine: 


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