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Foreign Sales Department

20 years working experience in the industry.
Worked in the first beverage machinery factory back in 1870 and learned full knowledge of mechanism during hard working over 10 years. Started his own factory in year 1997 in a very small workshop with only 5 workers

For the following years till now, many ups and downs, but he successfully overcame all difficulties and leaded our company to be one of the top beverage machinery companies in Jiangsu Province, China.

10 years working experience in the industry.

Started his journey of learning trading and managing by following his father Liu Xiaozhong. With his well-educated background, he has successfully taken over most of the company management. Also did some major big changes, by his wise vision, we now changed into a high quality beverage machinery company with much better reputation and international image.

Sales quickly doubled in late 4 years and keeps a strong growing rate year by year.

6 years working experience in the industry Excellent at English/Mandarin/German. Worked in plastic recycling industry for 3 years and now joined our company as merchandiser manager. Good at team management and customer relationship. Designed our new website and leaded our foreign exhibition. Personally very delightful and rich knowledge in different country culture.
4 years working experience in the industry Mum of one cute kid. Rich sense of humor, very kind, gentle and enterprising. Can easily get along with customers and win their trust. Always consider in the clients’ inspection, it’s very helpful for the business-starter type customers.
6 years working experience in the industry Have much experience to follow up and communicate with customers. Good at spoken English and full of machine knowledge. Respond positively to company activities.
2 years working experience in the industry Diligent, optimistic, and pleasant communication with customers Proactive, and constantly improve himself. Always care for everyone and good at dealing with company chores.
2 years working experience in the industry Graduated from electrical automation, with certain technical basis. Patient and seriously to customers. Have various hobbies and usually help others fix the computer. Responsible for foreign sale and after-sale service.

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