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Blowing-filling-capping Combi Block.

Combi series of automatic blowing machine for New Crown company independently developed products. It has the characteristics of simple and convenient operation, stable and efficient, and high yield.
The absorption of foreign advanced high-pressure gas recovery technology, ensure the quality of blowing bottles and save gas consumption by 20%, reduce the investment cost and operation cost of low pressure air compressor.

Save more

Take 36000 bottles/hour (500ml) waterline as an example, compared to traditional split technology.

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Save up to 60% space than regular production line
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Save up to 30% water usage
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Save up to 15% electric power usage
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Require up to 20% less total investment
Combi Block

Automatic preform detection and elimination

Simple setup adjustment to fit different sizes of preform

Optimized design for daily maintenance and cleaning

Processing range

Preform loading

Stretch blow molding


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