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About can filling machine 

Can filling machines are generally liquid filling machines, why do you say that? The cans are usually filled with liquids, such as Coca-Cola, which is often drunk, and Jianlibao, including Wanglaoji, are all liquids, so you need to use a liquid filling machine. There are also cans, which may contain special products, but most of them still use special liquid filling machines for cans. 

   (1) Understand the diameter requirements of cans!

Compared with other types of packaging, the cans are more special, because the diameter of the cans is generally fixed, not like other bottles and cans, so the cans are filled. ‍‍Filling machines with a higher degree of standardization are more needed!

   (2) Understand the precision requirements of canned cans!

‍‍In addition to the diameter situation we mentioned above, we also need to know the specific accuracy requirements of the can filling machine during the filling process. This accuracy mainly lies in whether there is dripping during the filling process of the liquid filling machine, or the audience It is necessary to understand whether it is full when it is filled and what its tolerance range is. It is recommended that you also clarify these. ‍

   What is the price of the can liquid filling machine? Everyone is paying more attention to these. Here I can tell you that the price difference of the filling machine is still relatively large. The main reason is that the filling opportunities are small, large, and medium-sized. Depending on the scale, it involves different production materials, so the price of the liquid filling machine for cans is naturally very different.

‍‍Now when buying a special liquid filling machine for cans, or when using a filling machine, it is also recommended that you learn about the actual scope of the filling machine and the specific conditions of the can packaging products. Only in this way can we choose a suitable liquid filling machine for cans.

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