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Beverage filling machine realizes aseptic canning method

The establishment and maintenance of the aseptic environment inside the beverage filling machine equipment, the aseptic water bottle flushing, aseptic material filling and capping equipment is equipped with the French LA-CALHENE company’s microbial compartment and 100-level air purification system, according to different According to the cleanliness requirements of the area, set different positive air pressures, that is, the air pressure in the areas with high cleanliness requirements is greater than that in the areas with low cleanliness requirements, so that the air that may be polluted will not enter the sterile space with high cleanliness requirements.

At present, the lid sterilization methods used for aseptic filling include: spray method, spray method, and ultraviolet irradiation method. Jiazhou uses the disinfectant spray method with high sterilization reliability to sterilize the lid, and there is sufficient room for the sterilization retention time.

Aseptic processing of materials and material channels. The material used for filling is sterilized by ultra-high temperature automatic instantaneous sterilization (UHT) equipment. This method can not only effectively sterilize the material, but also reduce the change of product flavor caused by the material being heated for a long time. Effective material sterilization method, the effect of sterilization can ensure that commercial sterility requirements are met.

Aseptic processing of packaging. At present, the sterilization methods used for aseptically filling bottles are: spray method, spray method and perfusion method. Since it is difficult for domestic manufacturers to control the initial bacterial contamination of the bottle to a lower index, we choose the perfusion method with high sterilization reliability to sterilize the inside of the bottle, and the outside of the bottle body is rinsed and sterilized by spray method, There is sufficient leeway in the sterilization holding time to ensure that commercial sterilization requirements are met.

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