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“Epidemic” from running Newcrownmachine people

In the late spring of April, the grass is green, which should be a good time to spring, but the impact of the new round of COVID-19 has filled the air with tension and anxiety, bringing urban life to a near standstill. On the night of April 12, 2022, Zhangjiagang city urgently issued the Notice on Further Strengthening epidemic Prevention and Control Measures, requiring residents in the city to stop all non-essential movements except for nucleic acid testing from 5 o ‘clock on April 13 to 24 o ‘clock on April 19.

Cities hit the pause button, companies on holiday? What about customer service? The Newcrown leading group for epidemic prevention and control held urgent consultations, arranged the layout quickly and took separate actions. The company immediately applied to the superior headquarters for epidemic prevention and control, and on the premise of abiding by the relevant government regulations and strictly implementing the enterprise’s main responsibility for epidemic prevention, the company quickly arranged some personnel to enter the factory and tried to maintain limited production and operation.

Sealed factory for continuous, war “epidemic” vanguard

Where there is a couch is a bedroom, and where there is a tent is home! At the command, the center, the division of young and middle-aged commandos quickly gathered, with a change of clothes, with relatives told to post production, factory as home.

My colleagues in the administrative and personnel center are busy with their phones. They point to eliminate, measure body temperature, dispatch vehicles, support logistics, contact the transport of various supplies, do a good job of commando work coordination and life services.

The colleagues in the R&D center race against time, working all night, day and night. If they are hungry, they can have milk and a few pieces of bread to replenish their energy and fight again. The earlier the plan is made, the earlier the production can be arranged.

Colleagues on the front line of production, wearing stars and wearing the moon, devoted themselves and paid silently. In their words, with the government’s command and the company’s backing, the epidemic is temporary, and it’s good to get over it.

Colleagues living in the dormitory area are on the front line at two o’clock. Every morning, they get ready to go, get on the bus together, arrive at the company safely, and start a busy day. No complaints, no blame, because the company’s call and the customer’s trust deserve to go all out.

Although almost all colleagues in the entire task order delivery chain stick to the front line of the factory, after all, these employees only account for a little more than one-fifth of all employees of the Newcrown department, so the duration of the task orders in hand will still be affected to varying degrees. . During this process, some customers called us to express their concern and condolences, and at the same time expressed their understanding for the project delay, and paid tribute to us for maintaining a limited level of production operations under such a severe situation!

Staying at home, not staying at home, work is still changing

Whether it is a restaurant, a study, a hotel room, or a makeshift office, Newcrown people are also busy online. Replying to emails, intra-group communication, video conferencing, remote guidance… In every work scenario, it is their seriousness and dedication to their work, and their full care and respect for customers.
Make good use of the workday report to ensure the saturation and quality of the work. Keep an eye on the news of the WeChat group to ensure the smooth flow of work at any time. Leisure at work, online training, sharing of good books, improving charging, not relaxing at home, anti-epidemic, work, and study must be done quickly, firmly, and practically. Only by doing everything well can we serve customers more timely and efficiently.

The project site is busy, self-reliance

Demonstration in person, instructing operations, explaining procedures, and conducting training, Newcrown’s commissioning engineers and customer factory staff are like one family. Troubleshoot problems and optimize production line performance. They personally go into battle to solve problems in the shortest possible time. They also pass on their experience to operators, improve instruction manuals, and allow everyone to maintain equipment in production in advance.
Under the severe epidemic situation, they can’t wait. Even if they are in a different place, they fully tap their enthusiasm and initiative, mobilize all resources, and try their best to complete the task successfully. Their professionalism and their responsibility have won praise from customers time and time again.

Nucleic acid detection point, star fire forever

The city is my home, and epidemic prevention depends on everyone. With the recent increase in the frequency of nucleic acid testing for all employees, Newcrown issued a notice in a timely manner, requiring employees to go to designated sampling points for nucleic acid sampling in accordance with regulations to ensure “everything that should be tested.” They consciously maintain order, do personal protection, and cooperate with epidemic prevention requirements.
In the nucleic acid testing site, the busy figures of “Big White” and “Big Blue” can be seen everywhere. Newcrown’s party members, pioneers and volunteers also joined them. They put down their work and contributed their modest strength. Entry code checking and temperature measurement, on-site order guidance, issuance of nucleic acid certificates, on-site disinfection and sterilization… No matter which link they are in charge of, they are conscientious and tireless to do “temporary work” over and over again. Their figures may not be so tall, but at the moment they are like a spring breeze, bringing warmth, peace of mind, and strength!

There are no heroes who fall from the sky, only ordinary people who stand up. Staying in the factory to work, working from home, traveling on business… Newcrown’s responsibility and attitude are clear and firm, that is, we have always been “helping customers build ideal factories” serve.

With love in your heart and light in your eyes, the road under your feet will surely be full of spring flowers! The epidemic will eventually pass, and we will look forward to the future together!

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