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Is the explosion-proof function of the can filling machine necessary?

When buying a can filling machine, the merchant will introduce different functions. For example, some filling machines have the function of filling nitrogen, have the function of heating, and some have other functions, and some manufacturers say that their filling machine has an explosion-proof function, is this kind of explosion-proof filling machine necessary?

Some people think that they are not dangerous things during daily canning. This kind of explosion-proof filling machine is unnecessary, or think this function is very tasteless, but it is not the case. ‍‍Today, I will tell you some common situations about the filling machine. Based on this, it is also helpful for everyone to have a better understanding of the filling machine. 
1: The filling process of the can filling machine.
We all know that the filling principle used by many filling machines is to use pressure or vacuum to fill. Whether it is the way of pressure or only some other canning methods, the pressure in this process is Very large, when the pressure reaches a certain level, some safety accidents are prone to occur. In order to increase its safety at this time, the explosion-proof function is particularly important.
2: Some special materials.
For example, the filling of some chemicals, products in the petroleum field, etc., requires safety in addition to the filling accuracy and filling speed of the can filling machine. This explosion-proof function is a very important function.
If you are buying a filling machine, you also need to pay special attention to this function. With this function, it can show better results when filling, and it can make us feel safer in our hearts. We will also feel more stable from the bottom of our hearts, and will not always be afraid of some safety incidents.

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