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What is the difference between a stacker and a palletizer

Palletizer and stacker are easy to be confused as the same machine literally, but in fact these two machines have different uses, so what is the difference between a palletizer and a stacker?

A stacker is an automated device for stacking goods in a high-bay warehouse. The modern stacker is one of the important transportation equipment in the three-dimensional warehouse. It is a special crane developed with the emergence of the three-dimensional warehouse . The goods are stored in the cargo compartment; or the goods in the cargo compartment are taken out and transported to the roadway. The palletizer stacks the packaged goods of the same specification according to certain arrangement rules, and stacks them into the required stacking shape.
The palletizer is to stack the cartons that have been loaded into the container on the pallets and pallets (wood, plastic) in a certain arrangement, and automatically stack them. This equipment adopts PLC+touch screen control to realize intelligent operation management, which is simple and easy to master. It can greatly reduce the labor force and reduce labor intensity. Palletizer is a device that automatically stacks the bags, cartons or other packaging materials conveyed by the conveyor into stacks according to the working method required by the customer’s process, and transports the stacked materials .
The stacker can travel horizontally, lift vertically, and extend the fork to achieve S-curve control. It can not only realize multi-SKU, multi-packaging, multi-layer and ultra-high mixed storage, but also improve the effective storage rate of the stacker. It can be used in scenarios such as whole pallet storage picking, FCL storage picking and so on.

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