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What materials is the nitrogen filling function of the carbonated beverage filling machine applied to?

The application of carbonated beverage filling machine involves different functions. A well-selected filling machine has more functions, and it can also achieve a better effect in application, while those whose quality is relatively not special High-end products, it may not be particularly complete in terms of functions.

Today, I will introduce to you a function that is relatively common in the current automatic equipment, and this function is the nitrogen filling function.

1. The function of nitrogen filling function of carbonated beverage filling machine.

Its main function is to use nitrogen as an inert gas to block pollution. During the process of machine filling materials, a series of reactions occur between materials and air. In this case, the materials can not be polluted by the air, so that The material is more pure.

2. What are the main filling materials for the nitrogen filling function of the carbonated beverage filling machine?

What kind of materials in the carbonated beverage filling machine will use the charging function?

‍‍Mainly propaneacetic acid, propylene oxide and other materials, in addition to phenolic materials, etc. In the process of practical application of these materials, you may still pay more attention to their nitrogen charging function, especially if It is said that in the process of actual use, you may not understand or use its charging function, you can directly call the manufacturer to communicate and communicate with the manufacturer, and learn about the specific situation of the nitrogen charging function from the manufacturer. The nitrogen filling function of the carbonated beverage filling machine is quite special, especially for canned flammable, explosive, highly toxic and corrosive materials, special attention must be paid! It is not particularly difficult to find a device with nitrogen filling function, the key is to choose a suitable manufacturer’s product, as long as you choose a good manufacturer, many things can be solved.

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