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Working performance of can filling machine

The working performance of the can filling machine :

  1. The sealing technology adopts advanced automatic sealing technology.
  2. The whole machine adopts oil nylon gear transmission, with low noise and stable operation of the whole machine.
  3. The bottle feeding adopts the conveyor chain screw bottle feeding device, and the bottle bottom method is adopted, the bottle feeding speed is fast and the bottle will not be damaged.
  4. The horizontal rotary vibrating cap organizer has the functions of not damaging the surface of the bottle cap, and sending a signal to automatically replenish the cap when there is a lack of cap in the hopper.
  5. The bottle neck is rinsed with advanced bottleneck technology to avoid contact with the bottle mouth, which is more hygienic. The conveying of the bottle adopts the bottle bottom technology. To change the shape of the bottle, you only need to adjust the height and change the protective plate related to the diameter of the bottle body.
  6. The valve opening mechanism is driven by the cylinder, and the action is accurate and reliable. High-speed, large-flow, high-precision beer filling valve, fast filling speed and accurate liquid level.
  7. The host PLC and inverter are all brand names. The whole machine adopts PLC computer program control and human-machine interface touch screen buttons. It has the functions of automatic control of the liquid level of the material tank, no filling if no bottle, no capping if no bottle, etc. The bottle star wheel stops when the bottle is stuck in the wrong position, and the cap is missing in the cap chute.

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