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0.5-2L Water Bottle Filling Machine

High speed plastic PET bottle filling machine for juice and water

Technical Specifications

Model XGF16-12-6 XGF18-18-6 XGF24-24-8 XGF32-32-10 XGF40-40-12 XGF50-50-15 XGF60-60-15
Heads of washing, filling ,capping 16-12-6 18-18-6 24-24-8 32-32-10 40-40-12 50-50-15 60-60-15
Production capacity(b/h) 2000-4000 5000-7000 8000-10000 10000-13000 13000-15000 15000-20000 20000-24000
Suitable bottle diameter(mm) φ=50-110mm H=170-310mm (Volume: 200-2000ml)
Main Motor power 4.0kw 4.2kw 5.2kw 6.2kw 7.5kw 8.2kw 9.5kw
overall dimension (L x W x H) 2230×1630×2250 2600×1965×2250 2900×2200×2250 3880×2200×2250 3700×3000×2350 4500×3500×2350 5500×4500×2350
Weight (Kg) 2500 3500 4200 6000 7000 7600 9800


Product Description:

0.5-2L Water Bottle Filling Machine is made as our customer’s need, high filling speed for mineral water, drinking water, can share one machine with several PET bottles. It’s used in producing all kinds mineral water, drinking water, non-gas drink contained in PET bottle. It adopts the normal pressure filling technology.


1,The water filling machine is controlled by PLC with touch-screen as the interface between human and machine.
2,The amount of the drinks in the drink tank can be controlled automatically.
3,The filling and capping will be stopped automatically when there is no bottle.
4,When bottles are cramped wrongly or caps are not avaliable, the machine can be stopped automatically.
5,Horizon swirl air power caps sorting device is used to avoid damagining the surface of caps,and when there is a shortage of caps in the caps storage tank,an alarm signal will be generated and the caps will be fed automatically.


0.5-2L Water Bottle Filling Machine is one of the cleaning equipment in water treatment system basing on the water quality of clients. It is widely applied to the separation, concentration and purification of substances.

Packaging & Delivery:

All New crown Machines will be packed with high quality plastic film, then put into the wood box increase there is crash and damages.


1, When you can arrange the delivery after customers place the order ?
A: Normally production time is around 30-60days,the exactly depend on what kind of machine you ordered .

2, How long time for installation?
A: According your machines order,we will arrange one or two engineers to your factory,it will take about 1 to 2 weeks.

3, What kind payment be accepted by New crown?
A: We can accept L/C,West union,TT

4, How to install my machines when it arrives?how much the cost?
A: We will send our engineers to your factory to install the machines and train your staff how to operate the machines.Customer pay air tickets go and back,accommodation,food,and so on.USD 100/DAY/PERSON

Installation and maintenance:

The machines should have good maintenance twice for 6 months,and for installation, you can get the manual guide from Newcrown, or we can sent our engineers to help you.

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