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300CPM Carbonated Drink Canning Machine

Our newly designed DCGF serious monoblcok CSD filling machine is designed for aluminum can and metal tin can filling, it can suit for can size between 150ml to 750ml, can customzied to maximum of 1000ml. On machine surface is only leaving 3 points of bearing support point which makes drainage so easy and without any dirt stain. A11 bearing have water proof sealing to protect it from getting rust.

Technical Specifications

Model DCGF32-4
Capacity (B/H) 300CPM (250ml )
Suitable Bottle Size 150- 750ml
Water Pressure 0.18-0.25Mpa
Filling valves 32
Capping Heads 4
Filling Precision <+5MM
Air Pressure 0.5Mpa
Air Consumption 0.3m3/min
Power (kw) 13
Weight (kg) 5500
Dimension (I*w*H) 3000*2100*2100 rmm


  • Electric saving
  • Precise filling level
  • 99.9% yield
  • easy changing for different design bottle
  • speed adjustable

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