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Auto glass bottle paper labeling machine

Glass bottle paper labeling machine
1. Capacity: 60-100 Pcs/min
2. Suitable bottle: Glass bottle
3. Suitable label: Paper label
4. Automatic control: Automatic PLC touch screen control

Technical Specifications


1. The scope of application
It can do high-speed automatic round labeling for round bottles with paper label in wine, drink, medical, cosmetics and other light industry.

2. Principle
The working principle of the design of this machine is as the following: The fan shape rotating bar which sticks the label gets a little glue from the rubble wheel and rotates to the label transmission to get a piece of label adhered. And it continually rotates to the place of the sucking paper wheel with the vacuum, and the label is taken off by the doffing label claw. At the same time the label is transferred to the conveying paper belt with the vacuum. The label is conveyed into the sticking label area on the conveying paper belt with the sucking capability of the vacuum and is adhered on the bottle which is conveyed by the chains. It accomplishes the producing process by the circled actions.

3.Equipment Characteristics
. This is a labeling machine which can label body, head and back. It has the characteristics, like reasonable structure, small area, the steel less and non-metallic surface. The whole machine adopts PLC control system, so that the whole stable, high-speed.
. The machine adopts sensor detection, with accurate labeling and high accuracy. It also has no bottles no labeling, no labels automatic correction and detection, and any other functions.
. This machine adopts electromagnetic adjustable asynchronous motor and worm gear box as main drive, and equipped with pneumatic and electric control system. So that the machine can be used for continuously variable transmit. It can adjust the speed according to the entering bottles’ quantity, so that to suit the change of production, and ensure the safe running of machine.
. It is easy to change the parts of the machine to suit different kinds of bottles and labels.
. The body and parts are mainly using the anti-corrosion materials, like stainless steel, anti-corrosion alloy, plastic and other high corrosion resistance, casting, carbon steel, aluminum which have multi-layer anti-rust treatment.

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