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Auto Top-loading Type Carton packer(for bottles and cans packing)

Technical Specifications


Auto Top-loading Type Carton packer(for bottles and cans packing)


It is applicable for kinds of Bottles, Jars Special Shape containers case loading and packing for the Beverage, Foods, Chemical Industries etc.


This electronic weigher is capable for internet remote monitoring and tracking
According to the situation of the production running directly modify parameters, easy to operate.
It can be also weighing a variety of different materials, mixed materials packaging
Stepless vibration machine feeding system, more uniform materials in large weighing range
High-precision digital load cell.
PLC control system, stable and reliable
All made ​​of stainless steel, clean and sanitary
Contact with the material components the (hopper hopper, vibration plate, quantity bucket, etc.) fast disassembly, cleaning is particularly convenient.

Machine size: L2850 * W2200 * H2400mm
Bottle type: PET bottle/Jars/long Neck bottle/Glass bottle
Packing: 4 * 6 arrangement (can be customized according to customer requirements)
Production capacity: 10cartons / min
Power: 220/380V, 50/60HZ, 5Kw
Gas source: 0.6mpa/cm ², 80L/min
Gear motor: SEW (Germany), Taiwan Pradesh (Taiwan)
PLC: Mitsubishi (Japan)
Touchscreen: polyvinyl alcohol (Taiwan)
Drive: Mitsubishi (Japan)
Electronic control components: Schneider (Schneider)
Photoelectric switch: P + F; proximity switch: P + F (Germany)
Material: Carbon steel main structure paint, stainless steel product contact parts

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