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Automatic 2 cavity PET bottle blow molding machine

Technical Specifications

Unit DY-2000
Molding Clamping force kg 16000
Clamping stroke mm 125
Stretching stroke mm 350
Bottom stroke mm 30-70
Cavity pitch mm 120
Number of cavity pcs 2
Container Max. container volume Ltr 1.5
Neck diameter range mm 18-38
Max. container diameter mm 115
Max. container height mm 320
Carriage unit pcs 58
Theoretical output BPH 2000
Electric system Total power kw 30
Heating power kw 10
Max. heating power kw 24
Air system Operating pressure Kg/cm2 7
Low air consuming Ltr/min 1000
Blowing pressure Kg/cm2 35
High air consuming Ltr/min 3200
Air dryer Operation pressure Kg/cm2 2-4
Temperature 10-12
Consuming Kcal/hr 5400
Flow rate Ltr/min 30
Water chiller Operation pressure Kg/cm2 2-4
Temperature 30
Consuming Kcal/hr 3900
Flow rate Ltr/min 130
Machine size Dimension Mm 1950*1750*2200
Weight kg 2800
Remarks 1, All data standard indication for 0.6L bottle;
2, The actual output depends on the perform quality and bottle shape;
3, Specifications are subject to change without notice;
4, Please provide the stable ambient temperature;


Automatic 2 cavity PET bottle blow molding machine is used to blow bottles from PET/PP/PE perform which can be bought directly from the market. we can also supply the preforms with different sizes.

We will help to design the bottle shape basing on clients’ requirement before making bottle mould. Also We will suggest the preform weight basing on the bottle type.

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