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Automatic canbottle de-palletizer depalletizing machine

Automatic can/bottle de-palletizer depalletizing machine is designed for de-palletizing of cans and bottles. which will greatly save manpower.

Technical Specifications


Semi-automatic/fully automatic de-palletizing machine is mainly suitable for the whole crib tin (cans) automatic destacking empty cans, it will be stacked on the pallet empty cans, bottom-up layers of ascension and layered pushed to the path of the conveyor chain, with empty cans of spray cans machine use, replace artificial row of cans and traditional empty cans of unloading tank machine, can save a lot of artificial, increase production capacity.

Work by forklift will fold full pallet on the pallet conveyor, conveyor then will to host the pallet lift tables. Pallet lifting platform is the empty cans of pallet after will locate in sent to the discharge tank height, when after unloading the empty cans, then puts the empty pallet fall on the conveyor. All the rise and fall of action by the elevator system control device, and can adjust the speed of rising or falling alone, to meet the operational needs. Discharge empty cans is pushed by cylinder device cans, sky can sent to discharge tank height sensors in place after tank cylinder began to press, can push the whole layer of empty cans to net on the conveyor, and then return to prepare position, will continue to the next layer out. After unloading the empty cans empty pallet, by empty pallet conveyor transferred to empty pallet vertebral product, then on the stack to a certain height, reoccupy forklift pallet will be moved out.

The machine into the crib direction, the direction of the tank, the work station location can vary according to the requirements of customers.

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