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Automatic glass bottle adhesive labeling machine

Bottle adhesive labeling machine
1. Capacity: 20-60 Pcs/min
2. Suitable bottle: Glass bottle or plastic bottle
3. Suitable label: Single side dhesive label
4. Automatic control: Automatic PLC touch screen control

Technical Specifications

Model TB-2000
Speed 20-60 Pcs/min
Height of label object 30-280mm
Label height 15-140mm
Label length 25-300mm
Label precision ±1mm
Roll inside diameter 76mm
Roll outside diameter 420mm
Power 1.5KW
Machine size 2000*1000*1250mm
Weight 600kg


1. Basic uses:
This machine is applied for labeling for side flat face or side arc face of flat bottle, round bottle or boxes, such as the single-side labeling of cosmetic flat bottle or packaging boxes. It increases productivity and improves the quality of packaging. Since the bottle has long length and the speed will be around 4000b/h, and only the plastic chain conveyor is available.

2. Applicable scope:
–Applicable label: Self-adhesive labels, adhesive film, electronic monitoring code, bar code and so on.
–Applicable product: Products required for labeling on the lateral plane or on the arc
–Application industries: Widely used in food, toys, daily chemical industry, electronics, beverages, pharmaceuticals, metals, plastics, printing and other industries
–Application examples: Labeling of flat shampoo bottle, disinfectant shampoo bottles, mineral water bottles, MP4/MP3 box and so on.

3. Functional characteristics:
–Powerful, one machine can achieve side labeling of 4 products (round bottle, flat bottle, square bottle, special-shaped bottle)
–Adopting a rigid plastic double sided synchronous oriented chain, automatically guarantee the bottle in center, low requirement on workers ‘ correct putting position, greatly reducing the difficulties of the workers ‘ jobs for lining and docking. The machine can work separately or work on assembly line.
–Configuration of the flick-pressure top control mechanism, ensure the transmission of products smoothly and effectively, eliminate the error of bottle height itself.

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