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BOPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine

it’s labeling machine suitable for different bottles and jars. speed adjustable from 6000 to maximum 36000 bottle per hour. can do one side or wrap around labels in hot glue.

Technical Specifications

SEW servo system Germany
SEW servo drive system Germany
SEW motion controller Germany
Schneider Touch-screen HMI Germany
Japan SUNX Digital Color Mark Senso
Japan SUNX Detection Sensor for coating adhesive
Japan SUNX Photoelectric Sensor
Japan KYENESE Pressure Sensor

Transportation institution TRANSTECNO motor 400w (with deceleration by TRANSTECNO ), inverter speed control
Conveyor Italy FLEXON LF820-K325 industrial nylon chain plate conveyor
Mainframe transportation institution TRANSTECNO motor 2.2Kw (with deceleration by TRANSTECNO)
Sub bottle institution industrial worm sub bottle institution
Into bottle institution with worm sub bottle institution and starwheel position feeding institution to ensure the accuracy and stability of loading
Position institution Mechanical pre-location , using the camwheel institution to planish the bottle for label positioning
Labeling institution Containers are pick up by rotary wheel ,labeling during the rotation.
Supply label institution high speed servo opp label supply system (drive by servo-motor)
Pressing label institution Arc brush unit
Guided bottle institution adjust by double coordinate section guide rail
Glue supply system hot melt glue supply system(German SEIMEC control system) ensures the accuracy and uniformity of gluing
Temperature testing When the temperature can not meet the equipment requirement , the machine will stop to against bad products produce

Name Opp Hot Melt Round Bottle Labeling Machine
Power supply Three-phase 380V 50 Hz 8000W
Machine dimensions: 3000mm×2500mm(can be adjusted by customer requirements)
Method of speed adjustment: uninterrupted – adjust rate
Max speed of labels feed: maximum speed of 100 meters labels / min
Labeling precision: ±1mm
Maximum label width: 200mm(standard width, can be adjusted )
The maximum outer diameter of label 600mm
Paper core Hot melt 152 mm
Labeling glue: glue at both ends of each label with hot melt
Gluing temperature: 120~160℃
Labeling type for products: suitable for round or square containers made of plastic, metal, glass
Type of label: opp label、paper-plastic composite film label 、paper label
Labeling stations: 6-24 stations, speed from 6000 to 36000 bottle per hour
Machine weight: about 2000 kg


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