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CGF12-12-4 Honey Water Filling Machine with Cup Measuring Filling Valve

this CGF12-12-4 machine is for plastic bottle 200-2000ml honey water filling, can use both sport cap and screw cap. speed 4000BPH based on 500ml bottle.
filling valve use cup measuring and precision is only 2gram differance.

Technical Specifications

Model CGF12-12-4 CGF18-18-6 CGF24-24-8 CGF32-32-10
Capacity 3000-4000BPH 5000-6000BPH 8000-10000BPH 10000-14000BPH
Applicable bottle Plastic bottle 500ml-1.5L

Plastic screw cap

Applicable filling content Mineral water, wine, non-carbonated water
Washing station 12 18 24 32
Filling nozzle 12 18 24 32
Capping head 4 6 8 10
Main motor power 2.2kw 2.5kw
Water pump power 0.37kw
Dimension (mm) 2350*1850*2450 2700*2100*2450 2800*2400*2450 3200*2800*2450
Weight (kg) 3500 4500 5500 6800


Product Description:

Monoblock means the filling machine integrates washing machine, filling machine and capping machine in one frame. The driving system will be transmitted step by step which makes the speed more stable.

The monoblock filling machine will be made basing on:

1, the production capacity per hour

2, bottle type: plastic bottle, glass bottle or another

3, cap type: plastic screw cap, aluminum screw cap or another

Please send us the inquiry with above points so that we can help to send better quotation for reference.


Machine structure

– washing, filling and capping part in one unit;

– one driving system makes the speed more stable

– need one person to operate the machine

– no noisy while running

– more compact

– different bottles can be applied in same machine (the bottle neck should be the same)

Washing part

– the star wheel to hold the bottle neck to avoid damage the bottle mouth

– there is nylon grip to protect bottle mouth

Filling part

– round liquid tank, no residual after filling

– the valves are stainless steel 304

– no bottle no filling

– filling level can be adjusted

Capping part

– there is anti-rotary blade to fix the bottle without moving

– the capping torque can be adjusted

Control system

– PLC control

– Touch screen

Electric part

– All the electric parts are well-known brand

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