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CIP Cleaning Washing System

CIP cleaning washing system for cleaning whole production system for juice production and soft drink production.

Technical Specifications


Product Description

This product is used for dairy items in-place cleaning of pipes and vessels, can also apply to the brewery, beverage plants, and general food production materials of pipes and equipment cleaning. Normally it contains three tanks, acid liquid tank, alkali liquid tank, water tank separately. It is up to our customer’s requirement.

A centrifugal pump is used in CIP to convey cleaning liquid into material pipe and equipment, circulate to equipment circularly. Therefore, the equipment utilization can be improved without the disintegration of the equipment and the pipeline, and reduce labor intensity of workers. Therefore, this product is an advanced of cleaning process equipment.
Using this equipment need a closer cooperation with the workshop, piping arrangement, cleaning head and so on.
This equipment is mainly composed of Acid and alkaline liquid tank, clear water tanks, racks, three – way plug valve, globe valve, and comprised of centrifugal pump.

Unlike semi-automatic CIP system, it uses pneumatic diaphragm pump to automatically control the valves, inside all have digital control connection to all the pipes and whole line machinery, cleaning process controlled by program

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