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Monoblock Beer Can Filling Seaming Machine

This Beer canning equipment canning-seaming 2-in-1unit is used to produce aluminum canned beer. It can finish all the process such as beer canning and sealing, it can reduce the materials and Outsiders touch time, improve the sanitary conditions, production capacity and economic efficiency. It’s design combines with the actual situation in our country after the introduction and absorption from foreign developed technology.

Technical Specifications

Model Production capacity Filling heads Capping heads Main motor power (KW)
BCGF 12-4 4000 12 4 5.5
BCGF 18-6 6000 18 6 7.5
BCGF 24-6 8000 24 8 10
BCGF 30-6 10000 30 6 10
BCGF 36-6 12000 36 6 10
Model FX-1 FX-4 FX-6
Production Capacity(BPH) 1000-2000 6000-7000 8000-10000
Capping head 1 4 6
Material Sus304
Can type pop can,tin can or aluminum can
Pressure: max 0.4mpa
Weight(kg) 600 1000 1200


Product Description:

Monoblock Beer Can Filling Seaming Machine is specially used for capping pop cans, either metal tin can or aluminum can.It has a high-gene mechanical structure. It has stable moving, good features, easy operation and maintenance and wide use. The design of the machine is scientific and reasonable.It is a fully automatic and high efficiency seaming machine.


1. The filling valves are pneumatic control, automatic lifting, online filling volume adjustment, high automation.

2. Special care has been taken in the gasket design, both in the shape and material, since the long service life is our aim. All the seals are “food-grade” certified and can withstand sterilization. The CIP cleaning solution gets in contact with every part and interstice of the valves.

3. The filler is equipped also with a system that allows to set the filling level in the cans thanks to mechanical operations that can stop the bottle lifter action and consequently the penetration of the valves into the cans.

4. The whole filling process can be set directly from the touch panel and easily changed in case of need.

5. High filling level accuracy with extremely low tolerance. Running smoothly with very few bad cans, liquid spilling out, beer loss ≤0.5%.

6. “No can-no lid” electronic device

7. Driven can lifters. Double cam for raising/lowering.

8. The machine is equipped with one-way automatic centralized lubrication.


1,Cans seamer, with different size of mold head, could apply to different cans, it is safe and reliable, easy to apply to a wide range of food and beverage industry.Superior quality of corrosion proof, longlife, stable operation, advanced technology, high production efficiency.

2,The machine is full automatic. It adopts the high quality of stainless steel 304 material, meets the requirements of food grade.

3,It is perfect in performance, reliable in operation and easy in maintenance. It could be used single or connected with the production line.


Can seamer is specially used for capping pop cans, either metal tin can or aluminum can.

Packaging & Delivery:

All New crown Machines will be packed with high quality plastic film, then put into the wood box increase there is crash and damages.


1, When you can arrange the delivery after customers place the order ?
A: Normally production time is around 30-60days,the exactly depend on what kind of machine you ordered .

2, How long time for installation?
A: According your machines order,we will arrange one or two engineers to your factory,it will take about 1 to 2 weeks.

3, What kind payment be accepted by New crown?
A: We can accept L/C,West union,TT

4, How to install my machines when it arrives?how much the cost?
A: We will send our engineers to your factory to install the machines and train your staff how to operate the machines.Customer pay air tickets go and back,accommodation,food,and so on.USD 100/DAY/PERSON

Installation and maintenance:

The machines should have good maintenance twice for 6 months,and for installation, you can get the manual guide from Newcrown, or we can sent our engineers to help you.

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