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PP PE Bottle Extrusion Hollow Blowing Machine

this machine is used for extrusion bottle blowing machine is suitable for making 0.1-1L(,PE,PP,ABS,) bottle.

Technical Specifications


● Extrusion system: drives by a generator with frequency conversion, our extrusion system can realize the requirements of a transformable rotate speed of the screw for the blow molding process.

Screw with a big length-diameter ratio, has a good capability for processing all kinds of plastic with high plasticizing efficiency, low power expenditure.

Controlled by computer, the raw material accumulator heats by resistance-circle, can be heated promptly with a stable and well-distributed temperature.

● Import linear guide rail with double station leads flexible and stable movements for the mold.

● Hydraulic system: Optimized hydraulic oil loop design gains a stable, fast, energy saving property.

● Electrical control system: Samsung human-machine interface control system, automatic fault-alarm, credible and highly automatic work, available for 40 molding process data in the computer.

● Safety system: Electrical and mechanical safety structures (stop working automatic when safety door open) guarantee operating security.

● Blowing device: straight-insert blowing function.

● Leverage clamping system: stronger clamping force with lower power consumption. Central clamping mold, stable movement.

● Servo moving molds system: fast movement, accurately location.

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