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Semi-auto date code printer, inkjet printer,coding machine

Date code printer
1. Print speed: 0-50 pc/min
2. Maximum Height of printed materials: 400 mm
3. Automatic type: Semi-auto type
4. Use material: inkjet

Technical Specifications

Type YM600-B
Power supply voltage 220V/50HZ
Total power 50W
Print speed 0-70 pc/min
Maximum Height of printed materials 400 mm
Template diameter 155mm
Maximum Printing area 20×60 mm 20*30 mm
Packing size 570×360×530mm
Gross weight 16kg
Net weight 15KG


1. The semi-automatic code printer machine is used for printing notes and signs like manufacture date, espery date, batch No,etc on various kinds of bottle, jar, cup or can. It is easy to operate and the printing result is very clear.

2. The date printing machine speed could be adjusted according to the practical operation.

3. The date printing plate is circular plate and can be customized characters in a variety of printing needs.Such as the below,the exiry,logo,and batch number is all available.

4. On the metal, plastic, glass, ceramic, film, nylon egg and other products even the uneven surface.

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