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Semi automatic Can and bottle palletizer

Semi automatic Can and bottle palletizer is designed for palletizing of cans and bottles. which will greatly save manpower.

Technical Specifications


It adopts touch screen realization man-machine dialogue, production speed can be shown, the cause of the problem and position, a high degree of automation. Order of the carton of the PLC programmable number of stacking, pallet supply and discharge can be programmed to control.
use’s guest production of pneumatic components and the cylinder, quality and reliable performance.
Pelletizing way adjustment is convenient, simple, may be done on a touch screen.
Re-palltizing is stable, efficient and can greatly save manpower.
Carton supply system adopts brake motor to control, ensure delivery according to the predefined position the cartons.
Little noise meet the international standards of China to below 75 db noise.
Don’t have to change the stacking parts which can complete several stacking mode.

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