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Semi-Automatic glass bottle jar washing brushing machine

plastic bottle high viscosity liquid piston filling machine is by using pistons to fill thicker, higher density liquid, such as ketchup, chemical liquid, shampoo, olive oil, edible oil, engine oil, petrol, honey, soy source etc.

Technical Specifications


Product Description:

Glass Bottle Ketchup Tomato Source Filling Capping Machine

1.This series oil filling machine is mainly used for the filling of every kind of high viscosity liquid, such as ketchup, tomato source, edible and industry oil contained in glass bottles.

2. The capacity is varied with filling positions.
The filling head is made according to customer capacity and container volume, this model is with rotary filling and capping, speed various from 1500 to max 25000 bottle per hour.

3. The machine is controlled by PLC touch screen program, filling volume and filling speed is controlled easily.

4. For more safety and health, the machine is set with a outside frame to avoid it. Low-vacuum gravity filling mode ensures every bottle will be filled in with the same amount of liquid during the production process.

5. It adopts the high quality of SUS304/SUS316 material and meet with the food grade requirements.

6. Its easy to suitable for different bottle, container, easy to control the filling volume.

7. It’s the ideal choice of many middle sized factories.

we also offer turnkey solution for pre-treament of the source production.

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